Monday, August 23, 2010

This is What Community is About

With the National Team getting closer and closer with each passing hour, it’s getting hard to concentrate on anything but the AMAZING trip I am about to embark on with my son, Brandon. 

That is why I am so pleased to announce that Benmarks Sound has come on board as the Gold Sponsor for our Cyclebetes Team Manitoba Support Van!

The folks at Benmarks are the kind of people that bring a smile to your face.  When I spoke initially to them I was a little hesitant, suggesting a bronze, or perhaps a silver sponsorship.  When I ended up speaking to the owner, Brad Danielson, he made it clear that this is a cause worth supporting. image

Brad came through in a big way.  With Diabetes in his family, it’s something that hits home and he wants to see a cure for this disease as much as anyone else.

I’ve spoken to Brad a couple of times about Juvenile Diabetes and I know that above all else, the reason he wants to see this thing beaten is for the 80+ kids that are diagnosed in our province each year.  Like myself, he finds it too hard to accept that 1 in 800 kids will live with thousands of needles each year.

We are so thankful to Brad, his wife Deanna and the rest of the crew at Benmarks for making this happen and helping to get my son closer to his goal!

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