Monday, September 14, 2009

Congratulations Cyclebetes 2009!

I have to say this one last time:
  • Thank you to the core team for putting this thing together.
  • Thank you to our many Manitoba sponsors - I-NetLink Wireless, Westman Eval & Rehab, the Murray Auto Group, Tim Horton's, A&L Get Active and countless families, friends and strangers that sponsored the Manitoba cyclists.
  • Thank you to the media in Westman that provided great coverage of our team and the events here at home.
  • Thank you to everyone who followed us and supported us on the road.
And finally, THANK YOU to the beautiful, full-term pregnant love of my life that stayed at home with two kids and ran a household for our family while I was on the road. You are the most amazing woman in the world and I would be so lost without you, sweet girl.

I hadn't yet posted this video on my blog, but it was on Facebook. If you'd like to see the video I put together with some of the wonderful Cyclebetes folks I lived and adventured with for nearly two weeks, check this out:

Crew members from all across the country talk about Accu-Chek Cyclebetes - the biggest bike relay in the world - and encourage viewers to get involved.

This will likely be my last post on here for a while as I tidy up some 2009 loose ends and prep for next's getting close!

Every mile traveled down that highway brought us two miles closer to the cure. Thank you to everyone!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Journey Coming to an End, but Really Just Starting

I got to ride in to Calgary for the last 3okms with some great folks – Jeff, Charlie, Heather and Steve – as I passed my personal goal of 1,000kms for this trip.

The personal goal was nothing, though, in light of what this trip is about.  The people I’ve met here and along the way have shown me again and again that Juvenile Diabetes is a disease that won’t last.  It can’t, not with a group like this fighting against it.

It’s a little surreal right now…taking a few minutes to upload a video while everyone is relaxing…tomorrow we’ll ride out to Bragg Creek and then I’m going home.

It has been such a great trip, and I’ve got so many more memories that I want to make sure I capture, but, for now, what I’d like to do is get down some of the advice that I’ve received over the last two weeks:

Megan: Tell everyone we’re leaving at 7.  Then we can leave on time for 7:30.

Kim: I can. I will.

Willie:  Apparently one cloud can screw you.

Joanne: Ride like you’re wiping off dog poop from the bottom of your shoes.

Megan: Don’t forget the tent.

Barb: Don’t ever ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do.  Do it first, then you can teach them so they can do it next time.

Steve: Ride like a Kenyan.

Willie: Do it if you’re gonna do it.

I know there’s more and I’ll get them in here as soon as I can.  The video’s uploaded now and I’m going to get a last night in with this amazing group of anti-Type-1’ers.

This leg of the journey might be coming to an end, but I know that this group of people will accomplish great things – primarily curing Juvenile Diabetes – and I am so glad I sent that email to the H2V guys last year and got involved.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank You, Manitoba!

Wow.  That’s the only word I have.

I have been continuously blown away by people I have met on this trip.  I didn’t think that the biggest shock would come from someone I already knew.  More on that in a second…

I have some very big thanks to push out to some people and organizations that made the Manitoba leg of Accu-Chek Cyclebetes so successful.

Krystal from 94.7 Star FM took calls from us all day long as we made our way from Winnipeg to the Wheat City, pumping up the event and directing people to our Facebook group and our website.  People were honking at us from Portage la Prairie all the way into town.

We were met by an amazing group of supporters up on the highway as we rode into Brandon.  They had signs, cheers, and most importantly, my family ;o) It was so great to see my very pregnant wife and my two man cubs.

The Brandon Police Service met us on the Trans-Canada with two vehicles and led us, along with CKLQ/Star FM, all the way through town.  With about 5km left on the Community Ride, my son Beemer joined us and rode like a rock star into the apres-event at the Riverbank Discovery Centre.

When we got there, about 50 people joined us in thanking I-NetLink Wireless, Westman Evaluation and Rehabilitation, Murray Chevrolet Cadillac and A&L Get Active for their support and contributions.

The Brandon Sun had a reporter and photographer there to do some photos and to interview Megan Rose and myself.

Afterwards, we retreated to my brother’s house where he and my very dear Mother had made us a rockin’ supper for all the riders.  It was sooooo good to be able to sit down as a team and have supper at a respectable time!  …plus, the grub was amazing and everyone had a wonderful time.

So about this wow thing…

Jannessa rode as my stoker through the province.  This girl has a ton of stuff in her.  Seriously.  At age 14, she not only lives with Juvenile Diabetes, but has also overcome a myriad of health troubles and not only survives, but downright pushes through whatever life throws at her.  It was so great to get some time on the road to get to know her better, and even better for her to spend some time with a lot of Type 1’s who are living with the disease and fighting to get to the end of this thing.  She is brave, confident and is going to make a difference.  I was privileged to ride with her, and amazed that she rode for over 100kms in less than 24 hours.

What a great place to call home, but I didn’t get to stay.  Tonight we made it into Moosomin and  tomorrow we’re on to Swift Current.  The next day, Brooks, then finally Calgary the day after.  I’ll be saying my good-byes and driving home after that…

…I can’t believe this adventure is almost over…

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Pics from the Road


It’s been so great getting to know so many people along the route so far.  One of those is photographer Carey Tarr, a Type 1 Diabetic that is following the crew along the way and rockin’ out some great photos.  Here’s a shot she got of me while driving past Kerry and I on the tandem…Carey was hanging out the side of the van!  Carey…thanks so much for letting me post this!

I finally got a chance to put some video online as well tonight.  KOA Rocks!  Free wifi?  Hu-zah!

These are the video highlights for Day 6 from the Biggest Bike Relay in the world. Cyclebetes is all about finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, with the hope of helping millions of children around the world, including over 200,000 Canadians!