Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Some Pics from the Road


It’s been so great getting to know so many people along the route so far.  One of those is photographer Carey Tarr, a Type 1 Diabetic that is following the crew along the way and rockin’ out some great photos.  Here’s a shot she got of me while driving past Kerry and I on the tandem…Carey was hanging out the side of the van!  Carey…thanks so much for letting me post this!

I finally got a chance to put some video online as well tonight.  KOA Rocks!  Free wifi?  Hu-zah!

These are the video highlights for Day 6 from the Biggest Bike Relay in the world. Cyclebetes is all about finding a cure for Juvenile Diabetes, with the hope of helping millions of children around the world, including over 200,000 Canadians!

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