Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Journey Coming to an End, but Really Just Starting

I got to ride in to Calgary for the last 3okms with some great folks – Jeff, Charlie, Heather and Steve – as I passed my personal goal of 1,000kms for this trip.

The personal goal was nothing, though, in light of what this trip is about.  The people I’ve met here and along the way have shown me again and again that Juvenile Diabetes is a disease that won’t last.  It can’t, not with a group like this fighting against it.

It’s a little surreal right now…taking a few minutes to upload a video while everyone is relaxing…tomorrow we’ll ride out to Bragg Creek and then I’m going home.

It has been such a great trip, and I’ve got so many more memories that I want to make sure I capture, but, for now, what I’d like to do is get down some of the advice that I’ve received over the last two weeks:

Megan: Tell everyone we’re leaving at 7.  Then we can leave on time for 7:30.

Kim: I can. I will.

Willie:  Apparently one cloud can screw you.

Joanne: Ride like you’re wiping off dog poop from the bottom of your shoes.

Megan: Don’t forget the tent.

Barb: Don’t ever ask anyone to do something you wouldn’t do.  Do it first, then you can teach them so they can do it next time.

Steve: Ride like a Kenyan.

Willie: Do it if you’re gonna do it.

I know there’s more and I’ll get them in here as soon as I can.  The video’s uploaded now and I’m going to get a last night in with this amazing group of anti-Type-1’ers.

This leg of the journey might be coming to an end, but I know that this group of people will accomplish great things – primarily curing Juvenile Diabetes – and I am so glad I sent that email to the H2V guys last year and got involved.

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