Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Night of Riding – And LOTS of Rain

We rode all through the night last night into Mississauga and had one heck of a ride.

As we took the RV to start the all-nighter – Willie, Kim, Mark, Joanne, Jen and I – we looked up into the most amazing clear sky…crazy awesome stars and a nice cool night.

There was one cloud in the sky.  One cloud. Willie looked up and had the nerve to say, “There’s one cloud, there is no way we can get screwed!”

20 minutes later he and Kim were hunched under a gas station shelter while gallons and gallons of water poured off the roof of the building.  We couldn’t see them for a couple of minutes before they pulled over.  It was insane…and I have video to show it!

Mark and I rode together as the second tandem, J & J rocked shift three.  We rotated through the night until we busted a couple flats in a row and switched over to singles.

Willie rode all the way through Toronto.  When I say he ‘rode’ through Toronto I mean he totally destroyed that city.

On the last 20km stretch to Mississauga he came back to the RV and said, “James, it’s your Beemer.  Do you want to take it in with me?” 

It was the most incredible ride of my life.  Willie let me draft pretty much the whole way and we rocked that last strip of road at 40-50km/hr the whole way, and got into the community event in M-Town at about 7:30 AM. 

As I got off the bike, Googs came up and asked if I could help with the event.  I was feeling pretty high so I was like, “Hell ya!”   Then she told me I was doing the 30km ride.  Nice. hehehe.

It turned out to be awesome and I got to ride with Patti for most of the shift…what a great morning, too.  It is so incredibly lifting to share with other parents about D-Day, about the changes in life and what our hopes and aspirations for our kids and their life with this disease.

Googs totally rocked the event – for her first event where she had to write the entire script, it was incredible – and there was a strong group leading the team out of the city while she and I went to return a bunch of gear.  We met up at the team change event (ON East to ON West) and had to say some good-byes to a great group of people while we got rolling with the next.

What a blast…so fortunate to be riding with a group of people that want so badly to totally lick this disease.

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