Friday, August 28, 2009

With the Team!!!

I am so pumped.

We are sitting in the parking log of Resaurant Le Bordelais and chillin' while we prepare for our big event in Montreal with Accu-Chek. Refresh on the decals on the RV and we're tuning up the bikes.

It's been a blast so far and I'm not even 12 hours in!

Everyone here is great...Kara, Grant and I started the day at just after midnight when I got in (I had my own greeting party at the airport!) and we went on the hunt for crepes (FAIL).

Megan picked us up at 8AM and we headed to the local Loblaws. I TOTALLY BLEW my attempt to navigate, but I'm blaming it all on poor signage, a non-detailed map, and Kara. I don't know why, but Kara is at least partly to blame.

Getting ready to roll now...RIDE HARD!


  1. Good luck James! Were all rooting for ya from Brandon!