Saturday, August 29, 2009

Broke in on the Tandem

Kim Hexter is a ROCK STAR. If you’re ever going to do your first ride on a tandem in the dark, this is the lady you want riding the stokes is Kim.  Thank you so much for an amazing first ride.

We’re doing a wild downhill right now with tandem needed some serious love.  It’s lived through a hurricane, several thousand kms and a serious rain storm. Getting some big help tomorrow after the community ride in Mississauga.

Today my wife joined with Cyclebetes Manitoba team mates Jannessa Phillips and James Juliak went down to do a benefit BBQ for the team.  Murray Chev Olds hosted the event and covered the expenses, allowing us to collect over $600 for the JDRF! Too awesome.

Drove for three hours and am about 3.5 hours away from my next cycling shift.  Joanne and Jen rockin’ the tandem now and we’re about to do a change.

Looks like a great night of riding ahead of us!

Ride hard!

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