Thursday, August 27, 2009

My First Leg of Cyclebetes Complete!

I averaged an amazing 96km/hr on my first leg. 

Of course, this wasn’t on a bike; rather it was in my van, but nonetheless, the start of this adventure has come and gone.

Next up…getting to Montreal.  There’s apparently nasty weather right now in the area and 8 out of 13 flights were late, are late or were cancelled.


That’s me at the bottom…West Jet flight WS208, currently still on time, but there are quite the crowds forming here and equipment is late in all directions right now.

There is one more thing…I’m at the wrong gate.  The friendly people at West Jet think my boarding pass is right, but I need to wait until they get the mess cleaned up a bit first.

Having a little trouble connecting to the internet.  Ironically (though not that uncommon) I need to download a driver update.  But, I’m not connected to the internet…which makes downloading a little tricky…

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